Solid Super Wide Flooring

Created using only the finest European oak boarding, we are producing what we consider to be some of the finest hand oak flooring available.

Using these magnificent boards, we truly behave we can meet your heart's desire and give you a beautiful and totally unique floor that is intended to last to the next century.
Using 30mm thick solid kiln dried oak boards, we work with the customer to create the effect that best suits your home.

Many different sizes of board are available. We pride ourselves in getting hold of some of the largest boards ever cut. We are quite sure that we are one of only a few capable of offering these types of floors.

Boards are supplied in random width selections. As many as four different sizes are used, the client can choose exactly what sizes.

We can produce boards from anything between 100mm and 500mm.

Length is another BIG issue! Up to six metres!
Generally an average size board would be between 4.2 metres and 5.5 metres long and the only constraint is getting them in the house!
With these sort of lengths, few joins are needed, and in some cases you cannot see a join in sight.
When we do need to even the join, it is handcrafted to become yet another feature within your floor.

A large selection of finishes is available. This is something which goes into far too much detail to describe. Finishes are discussed and chosen to suit each property.

A brief description:-

Stains, dyes and fuming are some of the methods we use to colour our floors. There are many different colours that can be achieved to give different periods of board. Clear untouched for the modern wow feature. Heavy stained and distressed for Jacobean look.
Distressing again is available in many different forms. From sand blasting to drilling to adding some carefully place worm holes. Pit sawn marks, torn edges, brushed, all effects that can be used in creating your bespoke floor.

The boards are rebated in the same way as they have been producing floors for centuries.

Solid Super Wide Flooring
Solid Super Wide Flooring