Reproduction Aged Oak Flooring

We have spent many years restoring original antique flooring which has given us the knowledge on how an original worn floorboard should look. With a lot of experimentation, we at Olden Oak feel we can recreate an authentic look with new timber.

Using hand tools that have been used for centuries, we work the board by hand. Draw knifes and adzes are regularly used during our distressing sequences. The colour is chosen very carefully, as the wrong mix would create an out of place floor!

Oak changes in many different ways over time, one of them being its colour. Starting as green oak, the colour is very light. It has a creamy look and as time goes on it starts to darken. Looking at a piece of oak from the nineteenth century, you shall see that the wood has changed to a light brown colour. If you look at oak from the thirteenth century, it is the talking deepest of browns, almost becoming black.

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